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Get started fast with SlickUpload and be ready to scale up to advanced functionality when you need it. Check out the live demo above. There are more demos in our comprehensive demo section. Take advantage of our fully functional free trial – grab the SlickUpload package and get coding!

Install SlickUpload with a simple config change and then drag-drop the control onto your page. Done! Take advantage of the built-in templating to make uploading as gorgeous as the rest of your application. Use the advanced clustering support and streaming upload features to build an application that will handle any load.

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Multiselect & Folder Select

Allows users to select multiple files in one dialog, or even upload entire folders.

Async Upload

Supports Gmail style asynchronous uploads without posting back the page.

Handle large files

Accept uploads up to 4 GB without increasing memory usage.

Upload with progress bar

Show a rich progress display that tracks the upload process.

Fully crossbrowser and crossplatform

Support all modern browsers on all OS's with automatic uplevel and downlevel support to ensure the best experience.

Gracefully handle cancellation and errors

Provide helpful feedback if an error occurs, rather than a connection interrupted page. Allow cancellation at any time.

No client installation

No ActiveX, Java, Flash, or Silverlight plugin installation needed.

Works with HTTPS/SSL and authentication

Support uploading over HTTPS, and secure uploads using built-in .NET authentication.

Integrate with AJAX frameworks

Use with ASP.NET AJAX inside an UpdatePanel, as well as with other AJAX frameworks.

Handle ASP.NET MVC uploads

Natively supports ASP.NET MVC architecture, handling uploads to controller action methods.

Budget friendly

$499 for unlimited servers. No expensive per developer licensing fees.

Templatable and stylable

Template and style any part of the upload process, including file selection, selected file display, and the progress display.

Highly customizable

Create business logic to control file names, validate file types and sizes, and manage the upload process.

Scale with clustering and load balancing

Support any clustered/web farm/web garden environment using the built in StatusManager provider architecture.

Stream directly to file or database

Write uploaded files directly to their destination using a stream based API, keeping your application efficient and memory usage low.

Solid, responsive support

We stand by our products with fast and meaningful support. Guaranteed responses to customer questions within one to two business days.

Satisfaction guaranteed

We're so sure you'll like SlickUpload that we provide a 30 day no questions asked moneyback guarantee.


What our customers are saying...

Worked like a charm. I have the best upload page on the internet. Thanks!
Albert Rodriguez / ImageMaster

We tried everything on the market and are glad we found SlickUpload. They are the best uploading tool to integrate with because of the robust technology and their cross-browser compatibility. Our customers can now upload and sell any digital file on any browser!
Robert Steffes, CTO / Digioh

Throughout the project you've been a great asset to us through timely responses to our many questions... you blew us away by quickly understanding what was going on, reproducing, and fixing. This exceeded our expectations and made a HUGE difference in the success of our project.
Jason Taylor, Sr. Software Dev. / WebMD

Not only did it meet our needs, it also supports zipping on top of txt and csv – and was very easy to incorporate into our core application.
Sybase365 App Mgr Team / Sybase

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Tested & Supported Environments


IE 6+
FF 1.5+
Safari 3+
Opera 9+

Chrome 1+
Android Browser 2.2+

Client OS

Android 2.2+

Server Environment

.NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0

IIS 6, 7, 7.5

Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2

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